in a pretty girl world.

kenya. <3
afro && native american , aries.
resident of fl , native of nc.
ΣΛΓ til the death of me.
i blog what i feel describes me,
so welcome to my world bitchesss.

She welcomed him inside her love, eased down his erection like a slow stroll on a beautiful day. Taking her time, not rushing thru life moments. Realizing he needed to experience her sex, her yoni, her power. The fluidity of her hips, the squeeze of her thighs, the bounce of her ass, all giving him that wide eyed look of wonder. She wanted more than dreamy looks from him, so she decided not to move,…she closed her eyes, let all her energy drain into her luvbox, mmmmmyess she felt him throbbing, growing harder, becumn wider. He was clinging to her, trying to move….she refused to moved. If she moved SHE would lose control, SHE would lose her power. She opened her eyes, his face was no longer dreamy, he trembled, he grunted, became aggressive…(smiling) yess cum to me baby so I can cum to you ©BE


i feel bad for 5’11 boys like u were so close. u almost made it.

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